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 +IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, vol.E78-D, no.12, pp. 1567-1572, December 1995.
 +====== Extraction of Three-dimensional Multiple Skeletons and Digital Medial Skeleton ======
 +Masato Masuya and Junta Doi
 +We thought that multiple skeletons were inherent in an ordinary three-dimensional object. A thinning method is developed to extract multiple skeletons using 3 x 3 x 3 templates for boundary deletion based on the hit or miss transformation and 2 x 2 x 2 templates for checking one voxel thickness. We prepared twelve sets of deleting templates consisting of total 194 templates and 72 one voxel checking templates. One repetitive iteration using one sequential use of the template sets extracts one skeleton. Some of the skeletons thus obtained are identical; however, multiple independent skeletons are extracted by this method. These skeletons fulfill the well-recognized three conditions for a skeleton. We extracted three skeletons from the cube, two from the space shuttle model and four from the L-shaped figure by Tsao and Fu (Computer Graphics and Image Processing, vol.17, pp.315-331, 1981). The digital medial skeleton, which is not otherwise extracted, is extracted by comparing the multiple skeletons with the digital medial-axis-like-figure. One of our skeletons for the cube agreed with the ideal medial axis. The locations of the gravity center of the multiple skeletons are compared with that of the original shape to evaluate how uniform or non-biased skeletons are extracted. For the L-shaped figure, one of our skeletons is found to be most desirable from the medial and uniform points of view.
 +key words: 3-D thinning, 3-D skeleton, 3-D medial axis transformation,​ hit or miss transformation,​ mathematical morphology ​