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Papers and Books

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Only English presentations are listed.

  1. Masato Masuya and Yuko Okamoto, “Effective solvation energy of peptide and protein tertiary structures,” IMS International Confrence on “Electronic Structure and Reaction Dunamics”, March 17-20, 1997, Okazaki, Japan.
  2. Masato Masuya and Yuko Okamoto, “Alpha-helix Folding of Human Parathyroid Hormone Fragment (1-37),” The Third Johns Hopkins Protein Folding Meeting, March 14-17, 1998, CoolFront Conference Center, WV, USA.
  3. Masato Masuya, “Fast Calculation of Molecular Surface Area,” IMS International Workshop on Protein Stability and Folding, Jan 13-15, 1999, Okasaki, Japan.

In addtion to listed here, there has been ten Japanese oral/poster presentations and several writing for Japanese magazines, such as, DTP World (Works Corp.), MdN - Machintosh Designers Network (MdN Corp.), and WinGraphic (MdN Corp.).