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 +====== Publications ======
 +===== Papers and Books =====
 +  -  Masato Masuya and Junta Doi, "Use of three-dimensional templates for multiple skeletons,"​ Proceedings of MVA'94 IAPR Workshop on Machine Vision Applications,​ pp. 293-296, 1994.
 +  - Masato Masuya and Junta Doi, "​Detection and geometric modelling of molecular surfaces and cavities using mathematical morphological operations,"​ Journal of Molecular Graphics, vol. 13, pp. 331-336, 1995.
 +  - Masato Masuya and Junta Doi, "​Extraction of Three-dimensional Multiple Skeletons and Digital Medial Skeleton,"​ IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, vol.E78-D, no.12, pp. 1567-1572, December 1995.
 +  - Masato Masuya, Shape Analysis of Protein Molecule and Regand-Recepter Docking Studies Using Mathematical Morphology, Doctor Thesis, The University of Tokyo, 1996.(in Japanese)
 +  - Masato Masuya, ABC Graphics Suite Guide, Softbank Corp., ISBN4-7973-0201-1,​ Feb. 1997.(in Japanese)
 +  - Masato Masuya, Windows Draw Official Guide, Computer-Age,​ ISBN4-87566-160-6,​ Mar. 1997.(in Japanese)
 +  - Ulrich H. E. Hansmann, Masato Masuya and Yuko Okamoto, "​Characteristic Temperatures of Folding of a Small Peptide,"​ Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America, vol. 94, pp. 10652-10656,​ 1997.
 +  - Masato Masuya, Windows Web Server Kochiku Guide Kiso-hen, Active Server Pages Nyumon, Softbank Corp., ISBN4-7973-0505-3,​ Nov. 1997.(in Japanese)
 +  - Masato Masuya, Active Server Pages Kochiku-jutsu,​ Windows Web Server Kouchiku Guide Katsuyo-hen,​ Softbank Corp., ISBN4-7973-0654-8,​ Aug. 1998.(in Japanese)
 +  - Yuko Okamoto, Masato Masuya, Miho Nabeshima, and Takashi Nakazawa, "​beta-Sheet Formation in BPTI(16-36) by Monte Carlo Simulated Annealing,"​ Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 299, No. 1, pp. 17-24, 1999.
 +  - M. Nishimura, S. Nakamura, N. Hayashi, M. Masuya, S. Asakawa, N. Shimizu, H. Kaku, A. Hasebe, and S. Kawasaki, "​Analysis on Transposonable-Element Clustering Patterns in Magnaporthe Grisea Genome Using BAC Library,"​ in D. Tharreau, M.H. Lebrun, N.J. Talbot and J.L. Notteghem eds., Advances in Rice Blast Research , Kluwer academic publishers, Dordrecht, ISBN 0-7923-6257-8,​ 2000.
 +  - N. Nameda, M. Masuya, Y. Shimizu, and E. Hatae, "Easy Human Visual MTF Measurement"​ in C.Fotakis, T. Papazoglou and C. Kalpouzou eds., Optics and Lasers in Biomedicine and Culture, Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, ISBN 3-540-66648-6,​ pp. 260-263, 2000.
 +  - Masato Masuya and Shigenori Kagiyama, "​Development of Course Registration Web Application,"​ Journal for Academic Computing and Networking, No. 5, pp. 31-42, 2001.(in Japanese)
 +  - Takashi Nakazawa, Sumiko Ban, Yuko Okada, Masato Masuya, Ayori Mitsutake, and Yuko Okamoto, " A pH-dependent Variation in alpha-Helix Structure of the S-peptide of Ribonuclease A Studied by Monte Carlo Simulated Annealing,"​ Biopolymers,​ Vol. 63, pp. 273-279, 2002.
 +  - Masato Masuya, Hajimete no JavaScript, Softbank Publishing Corp., ISBN4-7973-1898-8,​ Jan. 2002.(in Japanese)
 +  - Giovanni La Penna, Ayori Mitsutake, Masato Masuya and Yuko Okamoto, "​Molecular dynamics of C-peptide of ribonuclease A studied by replica-exchange Monte Carlo method and diffusion theory,"​ Chemical Physics Letters, Vol. 380, pp. 609-619, 2003.
 +  - Masato Masuya, Shinichiro Kubota, Kenji Aoki, Koichi Shimozono, "​Enlightment Activities and Infrastructure Improvement of ICT for the Broadband Service Unavailable Area," Journal for Academic Computing and Networking, No. 9, pp. 63-74, 2005.(in Japanese) ​
 +  - Shinichiro Kubota, Masaya Matsumoto, Masato Masuya, "​Development and Evaluation of HDV Format High-Definition Digital Video Data Transmitting System,"​ Academic Information Processing Environment Research, ​  Vol. 9, pp. 28-37, 2006.(in Japanese)
 +  - Shoh Ohyama, Masato Masuya, "​Evaluation of satellite Internet service at open sea islands,"​ Information Technology Letters, Vol.6, pp.341-342, 2006.(in Japanese)
 +  - Masato Masuya, Takashi Yamanoue, Shinichiro Kubota, "An Experience of Monitoring University Network Security Using a Commercial Service and DIY Monitoring,"​ Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services (SIGUCCS) 2006 Fall Conference, Nov. 5-8, 2006.
 +  - 久保田真一郎,​ 田實浩一,​ 升屋正人,​ "​教育用端末を用いた並列計算環境の構築と検証,"​ 大学情報システム環境研究,​ Vol. 10, pp. 83-90, 2007.(in Japanese)
 +  - Junta Doi, Kentaro Shimizu, Masato Masuya and Wataru Sato, "​High-Density Reconstruction and CAD Technologies for Heritage and Archeological Artifacts,"​ 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics Proceedings,​ pp. 1921-1926, Vigo, Spain, ISBN1-4244-0755-9,​ June 4-7, 2007. 
 +  - Shinichiro Kubota, Koichi Shimozono, Youichiro Hozaki, Masato Masuya, "​Relationship between network topology and TCP bandwidth on WDS networks,"​ Journal for Academic Computing and Networking, No. 11, in printing.(in Japanese)
 +===== Presentations ​ =====
 +Only English presentations are listed.
 +  - Masato Masuya and Yuko Okamoto, "​Effective solvation energy of peptide and protein tertiary structures,"​ IMS International Confrence on "​Electronic Structure and Reaction Dunamics",​ March 17-20, 1997, Okazaki, Japan.
 +  - Masato Masuya and Yuko Okamoto, "​Alpha-helix Folding of Human Parathyroid Hormone Fragment (1-37),"​ The Third Johns Hopkins Protein Folding Meeting, March 14-17, 1998, CoolFront Conference Center, WV, USA.
 +  - Masato Masuya, "Fast Calculation of Molecular Surface Area," IMS International Workshop on Protein Stability and Folding, Jan 13-15, 1999, Okasaki, Japan. ​
 +In addtion to listed here, there has been ten Japanese oral/poster presentations and several writing for Japanese magazines, such as, DTP World (Works Corp.), MdN - Machintosh Designers Network (MdN Corp.), and WinGraphic (MdN Corp.). ​